Mayers retains BKA lead but margins are reduced

Jacob Mayers has halved his cousin Zak’s lead in the Sectus Technologies Barbados Karting Association (BKA) Championship after Sunday’s (June 23) fifth round at Bushy Park Barbados. Three wins have cut Zak’s cushion in the Easykart 100cc from 47 to 25 points, while Calem Maloney’s four wins in Easykart 125cc have brought him to within six points of second-placed Jacob in the overall standings.

  Points leader Zak was fastest in qualifying by two-tenths but was beaten by 2.7secs in the day’s first race by Jacob, with Aeden Bruce and Oliver Judd completing the field. Jacob led for most of race two, before Zak eased past a couple of laps from home to win by two-tenths; Bruce was again third, while Judd failed to finish and then missed a race.

  Zak also won the day’s third outing on the road, but a 10-second penalty for a bumper infringement dropped him to third. Bruce claimed second place just inches behind Jacob, who went on to lead the final race throughout, with Bruce again second, Zak third.

  Maloney was fastest of the 125s, again the best-subscribed class on the day, and went on to win all four races by sizeable margins, leading all but the reverse-grid race from start to finish. But there was some terrific wheel-to-wheel action behind as the rest of the field fought over the places.

  In race one, Raizer Stoute and Aaron Blackett claimed the podium places, but Cody Mark, Sebastien and Blake Thompson were all within 3secs of Stoute at the flag. Both Stoute and Blake Thompson led the reverse gird race before Maloney assumed the lead, finishing on the podium in that order.

  There was less good fortune for Stoute and Thompson in race three, where they both incurred 10secs bumper penalties, dropping them two places from third and fourth respectively. Cody Mark finished second to Maloney, while Aaron Blackett was promoted to his second podium of the day.

  In the day’s final outing, a further bumper penalty for Stoute dropped him from what would have been second place to seventh, promoting Cody Mark and Blake Thompson, who crossed the line almost side-by-side with Blackett just inches behind. This race also produced an epic battle, albeit just for eighth place, as Jesse Mark and Alex Sargeant traded places five times within the 10 laps.

  Jaydn Brathwaite, who finished fourth in Easykart 60cc Cadets last year, enjoyed a very successful first outing for 2024. He qualified fastest, beating Jordyn Hinkson by just seven-hundredths of a second, then won all four races, three of them by than half a second or less from Hinkson. After finishing third in each race, Shamir Eversley still leads the class with 306 points and sits sixth in the overall standings.


Championship points (after five rounds):


1st Zak Mayers, 424 points

2nd Jacob Mayers, 391pts

3rd Calem Maloney, 385pts

4th Aeden Bruce, 355pts

5th Aaron Blackett, 309pts

6th Shamir Eversley, 306pts


60cc Cadets: 1st S Eversley, 306pts; 2nd Jordyn Hinkson, 196pts; 32d, Oliver Judd, 144pts; etc 100cc Juniors: 1st, Z Mayers, 424pts; 2nd J Mayers, 391pts; 3rd A Bruce, 355pts; etc 125cc Lights: 1st, C Maloney, 385pts; 2nd A Blackett, 309pts; 3rd Sebastián Thompson, 296pts; etc


Remaining rounds: August 11, September 8, October 6, November 3, all at Bushy Park Barbados, St Philip


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