Daniel Ullyett is 2023 BKA Champion Driver

Daniel Ullyett is the Sectus Technologies Barbados Karting Association’s (BKA) 2023 Champion Driver, adding a third overall title to those he won in 2020 and ’21 and a first in the 100cc Easykart Juniors class. The final round on November 5 which was lost to bad weather has not been re-scheduled, so the Sectus Technologies Championship points have been declared after the six rounds run between March and October.

  Ullyett ended the season with a total of 501 points, 14 ahead of Reigning Champion, 17-year-old Calem Maloney, and 13-year-old Blake Thompson, who share second place overall. Ullyett, who turns 14 in two weeks’ time, had previously won a hat-trick of 60cc Easykart Cadets class titles in 2019 to ’21.

  Maloney has won the 125cc Easykart Lights title for the second straight year and was the only driver to claim a maximum score all season - 100 points for four race wins in one day, which he achieved twice - while Thompson, who led the overall title chase for the bulk of the season, finishes second in class to Ullyett.

  Raizer Stoute finishes fourth overall with 462 points, also third in the 100cc Juniors behind Ullyett and Thompson, with the top six completed by Zak Mayers (441pts) and Colin Bradshaw (426pts), who is second to Maloney in 125cc Lights. Mayers adds a new name to the BKA’s Roll of Honour, winning the 60cc Cadets class for the first time, beating his cousin Jacob to the title by 26 points, with outgoing Champion Aeden Bruce finishing third.

  Mark Thompson has regained the 125cc Easykart Masters title he last held in 2020, after ceding it to fellow rallyists Justin Campbell and Kyle Catwell over the past couple of seasons. More than 30 karters have raced at Bushy Park, with the 125cc Easykart Lights the best-subscribed of the BKA’s four classes.

  Looking back on the season BKA Chairman Barry Mayers said: “Having to cancel our final date was very disappointing, but the weather over the last weeks has been OK for the MudDogs guys, but certainly not good enough to race karts in safely. It has been a great season and we’re looking forward to more of the same in 2024.”


Championship points - final:


1st Daniel Ullyett, 501 points

= 2nd Blake Thompson, 487pts

= 2nd Calem Maloney, 487pts

4th Raizer Stoute, 462pts

5th Zak Mayers, 441pts

6th Colin Bradshaw, 426pts


60cc Cadets: 1st Z Mayers, 441pts; 2nd Jacob Mayers, 415pts; 3rd Aeden Bruce, 385pts; etc 100cc Juniors: 1st D Ullyett, 501pts; 2nd B Thompson, 487pts; 3rd R Stoute, 462pts; etc 125cc Lights: 1st C Maloney, 487pts; 2nd C Bradshaw, 426pts; 3rd Aaron Blackett, 360pts; etc 125cc Masters: 1st Mark Thompson, 364pts; 2nd Cody Mark, 269pts; 3rd Maurice Fortier, 89pts; etc


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